Witanhurst Mansion

Job - Epoxy terrazzo floor and precast coving project

Specification - 500m2 Flowcrete Mondeco epoxy terrazzo floor and 150 linear m Flowcrete Mondeco epoxy terrazzo precast coving

Customer - Owners of Witanhurst Georgian mansion, Highgate, London

  • Highgate
  • Highgate2
  • Highgate3
  • Highgate4

Project description

Resin Surface Installations were asked to provide labour to run and complete this exclusive project in London working for Anchorite Surface Protection based in Cheshire.

Our first task was to manufacture the large coved sections of the project. This was completed in our workshop in Cheshire then transported and fitted onsite before flooring installation.
The complex column coves were particularly tricky. Once fitted we commenced with the flooring installation.

The underground 500m2 area is used as an exotic car showroom complete with a car lift and car turntable. A truly amazing house and project to be part of.

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