Gindi Fashion Mall, Tel Aviv, Israel

Job - 10,000 m2 terrazzo project for the new Gindi Fashion Mall in central Tel Aviv

Specification - 10,000m2 epoxy terrazzo 

Customer - Gindi Fashion Mall, Tel Aviv, Israel

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Project description

We were invited to quote for supplying a 10 man team to complete the 10,000 m2 terrazzo project for the new Gindi Fashion Mall in central Tel Aviv. RSI Ltd subcontracted to 4M Group who are one of Europe’s largest specialised flooring companies. Magenli who is one of Israel’s biggest specialised flooring companies were tasked with supplying the concrete subfloor and with assisting us with labour and equipment. Flowcrete UK provided materials. We were tasked with running the project and completing the full Flowcrete epoxy terrazzo installation. A special one-off terrazzo was manufactured for this project which included a mix of 3mm-5mm glass and mirror glass to add a special sparkle

This project had several challenging factors including the large solid brass design which was manufactured in the UK and delivered in 2m2 pieces to Israel. We put it together like a jigsaw and infilled with white terrazzo. Brass detail continued with 3 lines of 25mm wide solid brass weaving around both Mall levels. The brass lines arrived in 2m long pieces each one numbered and with varying radiuses. Once brass was installed we had the challenge of installing 3 weaving colour bands and white terrazzo infill. All colours are separated with 8mm deep aluminium trim detail. Four red terrazzo VIP parking lobbies were also included in the flooring package.

This very technically challenging project is one of our most rewarding and we are very proud and privileged to be part of it.

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